Monday, December 14, 2009

Librarians as Bridges between Students and Teachers

Last week I read an article titled "Be the Bridge: Librarians can span the gap between students and their instructors" in the December issue of American Libraries. I recommend that everyone who helps students with assignments at the reference desk take a look at it and especially all those who give instruction. The author, Monty McAdoo, asserts that "Librarians have a professional responsibility to be involved with any assignment involving the library. [...] as bridge builders, the simple reality is that when a library is involved in completing an assignment, librarians do share responsibility for an assignment's administration and its ultimate success or collapse" (40).

His discussions on the repercussions of failed library assignments seem to be particularly relevant, considering some of the library assignments that have taken place in our own Library in recent months/years. I like that he discusses the negative consequences for all the constituents involved, namely students, faculty, and librarians.

Overall, the article is worth reading, especially if you give instruction as a librarian in the classroom or at the reference desk.

Full citation:
McAdoo, Monty L. "Be the Bridge: Librarians can span the gap between students and their instructors." American Libraries (December 2009): 38-40.