Friday, August 24, 2012

LLIB/ACAD 1115: Information Research Flier

LLIB 1115/ACAD 1115: Information Research
Course is designed to fulfill the following objective:
“Locate relevant sources and use them critically and responsibly.”
"Ever wanted a class that would help you learn how to conduct better research and find credible sources for your research projects?  This course is designed to help you recognize when information is needed, then find, evaluate, and use it effectively and ethically.  Explore a variety of ways to find reliable sources worth using/documenting in support of academic projects.   Learn how to create an annotated bibliography.   Sign up today."

Class begins August 27, 2012 and runs all semester. 

One credit.  Must have computer account. 


This flier announces the details for a course that will be taught at Idaho State University in Fall 2012 semester.  There are 40 seats that can be filled.  LLIB/ACAD 1115: Information Research is a course designed to help students become more savvy information seekers, going beyond Google as they search for reliable sources of information in support of academic projects.

For the past year this course has been an experimental course.  Now it is in the catalog as an official course.  It functions as an information-literacy course and is designed to help students gain skills that will transfer over to other courses and into life in general.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Evaluation Form for a One-credit Information Literacy Course

Last year I taught a one-credit, information-literacy course for the first time.  As an experimental course it was sponsored by ISU's Student Success Center. It was titled ACAD 1199: Information Research and ran during the last eight weeks of the semester, meeting twice a week.  In the first semester I created a student evaluation form to gather information from the students to understand how much work they put into the course, how effective the professor was, and how useful the course was overall.  This was an important thing to do as it gave me firsthand feedback directly from the students.

It is a bit lengthy, but I wanted to get a lot of information from the students before they left.  Have you created your own evaluation form, or do you administer one created by your institution?