Friday, February 8, 2008

Tips for Searching the Anthropology Plus Database

Anthropology Plus


1. Foster (child? or parent? or home?) = 55 results

2. Note that a common subject heading for what appear to be relevant titles is “Foster Children.” Clicking on this link yields 25 results.

3. Foster teen? = 0 results

4. Foster (teen? or adolesc? or “young adult”) = 1 result. "Mormon placement" : the effects of missionary foster families on Navajo adolescents.

5. (Foster or surrogat?) and (teen? or adolesc? or “young adult” or parent? or home?) =28 results. [Surrogate did not seem to yield any relevant results.] A search like this may be best in the Advanced Search.

6. (Foster or surrogat? or adoptive) and (teen? or adolesc? or “young adult” or home?)

7. surrogat? or foster = 147

8. recycl? = 95 results. recycl? and America? = 16 results

9. Author Search: manuelito kathryn = 2 results [duplicate records] Note: it does not matter in this database how a name is entered. It can be last name first or vice versa and return the same results.

10. Oregon trail = 4 results

11. Abortion education = 6 results

12. Abortion = 368 results

13. Abortion college = 0 results

14. Abortion student? = 2 results

15. Abortion [=keyword] AND family planning [= subject] = 9 results

16. Family planning = 214 results

17. (education? or student? or college? or universit?[keyword]) AND family planning [subject] = 204

18. Family planning [subject] and education [keyword] = 2 results

19. Family planning [subject] and (college? Or university?) = 206 results


1. This database will not provide you with full-text articles; however, it will tell you if the ISU Library subscribes to the publication in question. You will need to search for the journal title in the A to Z Journal List and/or our catalog. Cutting and pasting the journal title will save you time.

2. Once you arrive at a database interface, you may need to conduct the search again.

3. When using the A to Z Journal List, pay attention to the dates of coverage for a specific journal. Compare that range of dates with the date of the article in question. This may save you a step or two.

4.The question mark (?) serves as the truncation code, so “fish?” will yield variations of the word, such as fishing, fishery, fishermen, fisherman, fish, etc.

5. If you want words to appear next to each other as a phrase such as “young adult,” remember to surround the phrase with quotation marks.

6. Think of exploring potential synonyms by consulting a thesaurus:, or

7..DO NOT type in ‘and’ between words; that will affect the search results. AND is implied.

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