Monday, March 10, 2008

How to Bookmark Web Sites Using a Account

If you have never heard of online bookmarking, remember you're not the only one. It's still relatively new. With that said, it's really great as a tool for recording your wanderings and purposeful searches of the vast internet that continues to grow by the second. Most internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, allow their internet users to save their favorite web sites, which makes it easier to find and/or access them at a later date. Instead of having to type in the web-site address [URL] each time, or conduct a Google search, all you have to do is click on your "bookmark," or link under your list of "Favorites," and off you go to that site.

One of the clear advantages to using an online bookmarking system such as is that you can access your favorite web sites from any computer or electronic device that accesses the internet anywhere in the world. Additionally, you are not limited to a set number of bookmarks. An internet browser typically allows you to organize your bookmarks into folders, but sometimes that can even look awkward or inhibit you in the number of bookmarks you save. A account [official address =] does not restrict you to any number of web sites you can bookmark.

Today's world of collaboration invites this kind of internet tool into the mix. It's easy to share and see what other's are finding on the internet. Tagging, or describing websites with keyword descriptors, also increases access to relevant information. From your personal computer you can easily install icons that make it as easy as a click to save websites when you find them or quickly access the web sites you have already bookmarked. When you are at another computer you just need to login to your account and paste the URL [website address] into the right box--the one that comes up after you click on the blue word "post" along the top of the window.

In order to see someone else's bookmarks, it's important to know their username. Click on the link called "your network" then type their username into the box next to the "add" button, then click on the "add" button.

Undoubtedly, there's more to this bookmarking system, like grouping your tags into specific bundles, so give it a try and explore it yourself. Conducting some searches on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and other search engines for this topic " bookmarking" can also help you find useful information on how to take advantage of this social networking tool. It's a Web 2.0 tool, just as Facebook, Myspace, CiteULike, blogs, etc. are.


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