Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Follow-up on Instruction Menu

My colleagues liked the idea of having an instruction menu, so I created one for the First-Year-Seminar instructors. I conducted a search via Google to find some sample menus online to help me get my creative juices flowing, and I found the following menu from Jus Cookin’s Restaurant. After sending it out for my colleagues to take a look, I received some feedback:
-- "You must have had fun."
-- "I liked your delicious menu."
-- "It’s a little cutesy and maybe a little overdone, but I do really like the options you’ve provided."

I would have to agree that I got a little carried away with the idea. I need to remember my audience. Another colleague gave some useful input, noting that many faculty will not want to read all the verbiage included on the menu as it currently stands. She suggested including more graphics while making certain that the description of the menu item was straightforward and easily understandable. With some of the adjectives in the menu now, it's possible that the meaning may be obscured.

She also put forth the idea that breaking up the menu might be more palatable for the FYS instructors, as they would have more leeway to choose what they wanted for their students. She encouraged me to stick with the menu idea; many instructors would appreciate something new and different, while others may not feel it's as serious as it ought to be. It's hard to know who your audience is sometimes; however, knowing your audience and tailoring your services to their "tastes" can increase your chances for success.

The meeting with the FYS instructors is on Friday, so I have a little more time to tinker with the menu. Ideally, it will attract more customers than it repels.

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