Friday, September 11, 2009

Instruction Meeting

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

This outlines a meeting librarians had at Idaho State. We talked about a library instructor's responsibilities. The presentation does not capture the good in-person discussion we had, so I wanted to expand on a few things. One group identified a library instructor's responsibilities in the following terms:

Instill in the student a spirit of collaborative independence:
- Independent learner/researcher
- Know tools to ask more intelligent questions
- Comfortable in the Library
- Collaborate with other researchers, including other libraries

Students ought to become somewhat independent, and when they cannot answer or find what they need, then they should be able to articulate what they need in an intelligent way. Ideally, we want students to become young scholars and work closely as colleagues with professors, librarians, and other researchers. Library instructors can play a role in accomplishing this lofty goal.

Here's an expanded version on the bit that talks about working with the full-time faculty: "Add value by collaborating with the instructor. Work with them. You are a guest speaker in their class. What does the instructor want you to get out of your library instruction session?" Communication needs to take place in order for librarian to succeed in the classroom where they are the guest speaker for just one or two days out of the whole semester.

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