Thursday, July 15, 2010

My creation

My creation
My creation,
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In an effort to promote ISU's Oboler Library, we are considering the possibility of making library trading cards. It seems that this would be a great way to piggyback off of the First Year Seminar scavenger hunt that has been created. One of the questions asks to name two library workers, their positions, and where they work in the Library.

A search for "library trading cards" on Flickr will show you all kinds of different cards that other librarians have created already. Big Huge Labs (a website) allows you to create this style of library trading card for free.

If you have created library cards, please let us know how successful this was. What were your objectives? Did students and patrons get to know you better and then return to ask for assistance? What kind of information did you include on the card?

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