Friday, February 4, 2011

Wordle Images

Here's a fun site that can help you create an image that is both relevant to your project and visually appealing: Wordle.  It allows individuals to paste text from a document, a website, or wherever, and it will create a word graphic.  Also, a field appears where you can paste in a website, a blog URL, or a blog feed.  It even lets people enter their delicious user name, so it can create a graphic with words from their bookmarks.

This graphic shows words taken from this blog:

Take a look at a graphic of my Delicious bookmarks:
The above graphic links directly to the larger image on, but the one below does not.

Once the website address or the Delicious username gets entered into the proper field, the graphic appears.  Then the fun begins.  The color, the font, and the layout can all be changed.  If you do not feel particularly creative, just hit the "Randomize" button, and it will change all of these things.

Here's another Wordle showing my Delicious tags:
Wordle: Sjardine's Delicious Cloud Tag

Again, here's the larger image:

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