Friday, December 23, 2011

College Students and Information-Literacy Realities

Some of the YouTube videos on information literacy topics are quite fascinating.  Every once in a while I re-discover them again.  Project Information Literacy at the University of Washington still has some great videos up.  These are create by the Information School Here are a few that I enjoy watching
  1. "PIL InfoLit Dialog, No. 1: Wikipedia"
  2. "PIL InfoLit Dialog, No. 2: Procrastination"
  3. "PIL InfoLit Dialog, No. 3: Frustration"
  4. "PIL InfoLit Dialog, No. 4: Strategies"
  5. "PIL InfoLit Dialog, No. 5: Context"
These videos may be good ways to start a class discussion about information literacy or the topic of the day.  They might also be good for starting discussions with library instructors, campus faculty, administrators, etc. 

Have you seen these videos?  How have they been useful?  What do you think of them?

"Information Literacy Toolkit."  by heyjudegallery

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