Monday, April 2, 2012

Ratings Widget in Polldaddy

I am trying a new thing with the ratings widget from  I hope this works.

Do you like to rate things? How often do you take surveys? For many, I can think of teachers, authors, and business owners, it is important to get feedback to know how effective your efforts are. For teachers, understanding your audience can really enhance your ability to teach them what they need. In a library instruction setting this can be quite valuable.

When writing a blog, feedback can give the blogger or author a sense for who and how they are reaching their audience.  It is nice that Polldaddy is free, though it has limited offerings.

Please rate this post below and add a comment. I would like to see how well the widget works.

1 comment:

Spencer said...

Yeah, the widget worked and got imbedded in the post! Unfortunately, when I tried copying the script into Facebook, the widget would not render. Too bad.