Friday, January 8, 2010

Ideas for Papers & Speeches

• Raising children in affluent America
• Child geniuses: how smart are they?
• Breast feeding vs. the bottle
• How to instill in children a respect for the natural world
• Shy children: causes, concerns, and corrections
• Disciplining children
• Pros & cons of marriage without children

  • Frauds & deceptions in the used automobile market
  • Would the consumer benefit from the breakup of large corporations?
  • How electronic banking affects the consumer
  • Financing abuses: common instances, current regulations, and techniques for avoiding misleading & dishonest practices

Contemporary Issues
  • Should sex education be taught in school?
  • What are human rights?
  • Can democracy survive?
  • Refute/defend: free enterprise & environmental issues are incompatible
  • Substantiate or refute: America recovers from recessions by waging war
  • Objections to legalized gambling
  • The case for a stronger United Nations

Crime & Criminal Justice
  • Police training standards
  • Police weaponry
  • Mental illness among law enforcement officers and national surveys
  • Should prison be abolished?
  • Women behind the badge
  • Child molesters: detection, prevention, and punishment
  • The correlation between education levels and crime

  • Preventive measures for common running injuries
  • New ways to manage stress
  • Problems of health care in rural areas
  • Permanent effects of methamphetamines
  • Exercise and pregnancy
  • Prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the United States vs. other countries or Idaho
  • How the United States controls epidemics

Family Life
• Changes in the American family since the 1950s
• Sex-role changes in the American family
• Complex problems single parents face
• Teenage suicide and families
• How children view divorce
• Why sibling rivalry develops and how to cure it
• Dealing with Alzheimer’s in the family

Essay Ideas
  • Books that changed my life
  • How to teach children manners
  • How to flirt
  • Advantages of honesty
  • Why get married nowadays
  • A little learning is a dangerous thing
  • Absence makes the heart grow stronger
  • Life’s most painful lesson(s)
  • The very best way to make fool of yourself
  • All’s fair in love and war
  • Worst experience I ever had
  • The ‘good old days’ weren’t so great
  • Information overload

The Future
  • Refute or substantiate: “By 2050 the world will consist of two cultures—the permanently rich and the permanently poor
  • Potential energy sources
  • What will be the effects of worldwide overpopulation on the environment?
  • Can acts of international terrorism be forecast? How?
  • United States’ funding of health care

  • Current immigration issues and their possible solutions
  • Birth defects and their demographic implications
  • Impact of populations on tropical soils
  • What are the geographic dimensions of poverty in the United States? Why?

Food & Drink
  • A comparison of commercial and homemade baby food. Consider nutritive contents, convenience, additives, and appearance.
  • The widespread mechanization of food production has affected food quality. Review some of those changes, both pro and con
  • Cooking with solar energy
  • Bioengineering and food: what’s ahead
  • Are fast foods synonymous with junk food? Evaluate them from a nutritional point of view.

• These ideas come from 10,000 Ideas for Term Papers, Projects, Reports & Speeches. 4th Ed. REFDESK REF LB1047.3 L35 1995. Check for prices of this title in its several editions.

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