Friday, January 8, 2010

Term Paper, Project, and Speech Ideas

Websites with Ideas for Topics

Speech Topics Help, Advice & Ideas

Good Speech Topics

Best Essay Topics: Essay Topics Suggestion Homework/Study Tips

Custom Writing: Top 50 Ideas for Argumentative/Persuasive Essay Topics

Find ideas for all kinds of speeches and papers: persuasive, argumentative, funny, popular, demonstrative, definition, controversial, compare/contrast, informal, expository, research, response, etc.

Titles Worth Browsing
1. 10,000 IDEAS for Term Papers, Projects, Reports & Speeches (REFDESK REF LB1047.3L35 1995)
2. Encyclopedia of American Social Movements (REF HN57.E594 2004)
3. Encyclopedia of Social Issues (REF HN57.E59 1997)
4. Social Issues in America (REF HN57.S624 2006)
For more titles, see the Library Catalog.

Digital Titles to Explore Topics
  1. Oxford Reference Online: Premium Collection
  2. Encyclopedia Britannica
  3. Social Issues in America
  4. Wikipedia
  5. Google
  6. Google News
  7. Google Scholar

How can reference materials be helpful?
• make it easy and quick to browse potential research projects.
• point to other sources that are quotable.
• provide basic background you should know.
• offer ideas that can help you narrow down your topic and create a more interesting report/project/paper/speech, etc.
• give keywords to increase searching efficiency & effectiveness in the databases.

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