Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Google Sites Workshop

As part of the Library's Learn Something Quick programming, I taught a basic 15-minute workshop on how to create Google Sites. Following are some of the YouTube links worth looking at:

Introductory Videos
Google Sites Tour: it offers examples for how you might use Google Sites.
Google Sites: Simple, secure group websites: shows how to create the pages, how to allow others to edit the pages, and how to create group websites.
Google Sites #1: Creating a New Site: a series of videos created by individuals from Radford University.
Google Sites #2: How to Edit and Add Media to your Google Site
Google Sites #3: How to Change the Appearance of Your Site
Google Sites #4: How to Share Your Site
Google Site Search: Quick Tour (But you have to pay for this Google search box.)

Why use Google Sites?
  • Develop a pathfinder for a class or a site.
  • Share professional information, including a resume or CV.
  • Share personal or family information. It is possible to limit who sees it by invitation.
  • Research items and interests
  • Class projects
  • Work projects
  • Promoting the an organization or company, such as the Eli M. Oboler Library
  • Promote an event
  • More… Do you know other reasons why people use Google Sites? Please share a comment in the comment box.

Google Sites allows you to...

• Create page
• Edit page
• Site Content
• Privacy
• Site appearance
• Site layout
• Colors and Fonts
• Themes
• Subpages
• Insert: Images
• Links
• Calendar
• Share the site: collaborators, owners, and viewers

Types of Pages:
  • Lists

  • Web page

  • File cabinet

  • Announcements

  • Start Page

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