Thursday, September 2, 2010

Promoting the Library with Xtranormal Text to Video

I recently discovered Xtranormal Text to Video. It looks like it could be a fun way to promote libraries and information literacy competency skills. They do not charge money for the basic stuff, but if you want more character, actions, and settings, then you do need to pay some money. Check out this quick, introductory video:

Do you think this would be useful? How would you use this free online software? Could it offer good instructional help?


Spencer said...

Apparently, they have begun charging for this service. $10.00 gets you 1200 points, and I read somewhere that a formerly free cartoon would not cost approximately $3.00. See this article:

Naomi said...

You can request to receive educator status and they will give you a few more free points. I was given 5000 points when I requested this just recently.