Monday, April 25, 2011

The New York Public Library: Desk Reference

We continue to publish a bathroom newsletter. Here are some blurbs I have submitted:

Ever wanted to learn how to compost, build a fire in your fireplace, or understand what should be on a baby-sitter's checklist? Find this information, plus countless other things in The New York Public Library's Desk Reference. Also contains lists of great books, tables of winners/losers of major sporting events, animal highlights of the most popular national wildlife refuges, historical tidbits, and more.

Amazon lists the 4th edition for just $25.00. Sound like a great deal, although it is almost ten years old now.


Did you know that the Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge is noted for such wildlife as the white-faced ibis, blue- and black-crowned night heron, snowy egret, Franklin and California gulls? For a list of wildlife refuges see The New York Public Library's Desk Reference (see their travel section), or see the National Wildlife Refuge System.

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